The definitions of the parties mentioned in this agreement are as follows:


For the purposes of this Agreement, the relevant websites or data transmission services of the Blue Bank are referred to as “Websites” or “Services”. When the first person pronoun (LanAn, we etc.) is used in the following agreements, both refer to the LanAn. As a user of our customers or website services, you - Blue Coast Customer - This Agreement may be replaced by any second person. Please read the user agreement below carefully. By successfully subscribing to Blue Coast Services, you agree to and abide by all the terms and conditions (agreements) of this Agreement. If you do not agree to this User Agreement, please do not purchase Blue Coast products and services, and close this website. LanAn will only provide you with services after you agree to the terms of this service. This agreement is signed with the permission of global and domestic commercial law. Any use of the services provided by Blue Bank considers that you are aware of and agree to the following Terms of Service.


I. Service ordering and termination

Before you buy the LanAn service, you can see a series of services. You can choose the package you want from it. These terms apply to all services you choose. After you order the service, we believe that you accept the terms of use and Blue Coast reserves the right to refuse any service for you for any reason. Although our uptime guarantees are listed in Section 9 of this Agreement, Blue Bank also has the right to periodically maintain access services for emergency maintenance.


Second, the user agreement revision

This Agreement contains the complete Terms and Conditions of Use (as defined below) applicable to your purchase. Blue Coast may amend the terms of this Agreement at any time, including fees (as defined below), and Blue Coast is obligated to inform users of updates to the Terms, including but not limited to email notifications, website notices and social media notices.


Third, the account settings

You will need to provide a primary email address and guarantee its availability. All notifications and communications between us will be sent to the email address you provided, so you will need to keep this address open and notify us if your address changes. Providing any kind of error or inaccurate contact information will result in the failure of the Blue Bank to provide the proper service. The service interruption caused by this problem will not be guaranteed by SLA; any kind of false/fraud information will be provided in accordance with this agreement. Related terms may result in termination of your service.


Fourth, intellectual property rights

All services offered through the Blue Bank are for legal purposes only. Between you and the Blue Bank, Blue Bank declares that it does not own the ownership or content that you provide for use in your services and/or (including but not limited to text, software, music, sound, audiovisual works, movies, pictures, animations , video and graphics, "your content"). Your use of Blue Coast products and/or services is hereby granted to Blue Bank to use your Content to transmit non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free licenses, reproductions, derivative works, displays, performances over the Internet. This Agreement does not constitute a license to use the Blue Bank Service logo or any other trade badge. The use of any Blue Coast service mark or any other trade mark without the prior written consent of LanAn is strictly prohibited.


V. Content and Acceptable Use Policy

You agree to abide by the Blue Bank's Acceptable Use Policy, which is partially incorporated herein by reference and is an integral part of this document. Blue Coast publishes the revised policy on the website and reserves the right to modify the acceptable use policy at any time. At the same time, Blue Bank is obliged to inform users of updates to acceptable use policies, including but not limited to email notifications, website notifications. And social media notifications. You agree to periodically visit the Blue Bank website and review the latest Acceptable Use Policy. If you continue to use the Blue Bank service after accepting the policy change log, you will accept and be bound by the new Acceptable Use Policy. If the End User's actions violate the Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy, Blue Ocean will have the right to suspend your access to the Service at any time.


LanAn will not actively detect the content used by end users on the Blue Coast service, although Blue Bank may, at its discretion, use technical means to monitor the services used by customers on the Blue Coast network, and in legal, regulatory or government organization requirements. In case of disclosure, disclose any necessary information about your account. Bluebank will investigate complaints of infringement of third party rights or violations of acceptable use policies. The LanAn will try to reduce the abuse of Blue Coast services. Bluebank will have the right to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and reserve the right to notify the agency if the law enforcement agency suspects that you and your end users are violating the laws, regulations and related policies of the area in which you and the server are located. All the terms contained in this section are for the purpose of granting third party rights, but no third party has the right to enforce any terms of this agreement.


You must agree that Blue Ocean will not be liable to you and your end users for any violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and the laws, regulations, and policies of the region in which you and the server are located, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Blue Coast may, at its sole discretion, terminate your access to the Services and terminate this Agreement. This is because you or your end users, downstream customers, have violated the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.


The LanAn attaches great importance to the issue of child pornography. The potential harm of minors using our services should be completely banned. However, their guardians can authorize minors to use the services of the Blue Bank with restrictions. Any content that may be considered child pornography will be removed and banned from access, which applies to any service on the Blue Bank. Any customer who is hosted through the Blue Bank and has access to child pornography will be immediately removed from service and notified to local law enforcement agencies. You agree to cooperate with Blue Bank to prevent access to child pornography, any child pornography, or sexual activity or defamation that attracts, seduce or induces minors is strictly prohibited and will be considered the same problem as child pornography . LanAn has the right to file a lawsuit against customers who host and access child pornography on the Blue Coast website.


If you suspect that LanAn Network is hosted with child pornography, we encourage you to immediately appeal to the Blue Bank for abuse of [email protected] and include the customer's file name or URL (or other location), victim (if known , date of birth, date of manufacture, and any information about suspicious images (multiple) and any other information. Alternatively, you can use CyberTipline to report suspicious child pornography, and child pornography that is not hosted by Bluebank should complain directly to law enforcement or the site:


We respect the intellectual property rights of all parties and have adopted a policy on the termination of copyright infringers based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A copy of our repeated infringement termination policy is available to our customers upon request.


You agree that you are responsible for preventing minors you are caring for from accessing any harmful or inappropriate content, either directly or indirectly, from the Blue Bank service you purchased. You agree not to allow minors to access any services and to take relevant restrictions to prevent them from doing so. Many commercial online security filters may help users limit harmful or inappropriate access to minors. Please note that this website does not make any representations or guarantees about any products or services referenced on these websites, recommend users to buy or Conduct appropriate due diligence before installing any online filters. If your computer is accessible by a minor, you agree to take special steps to prevent minors from browsing the site. Finally, you agree that if you are the guardian of a parent or a minor child, you are responsible for preventing minors from accessing any inappropriate content through the Blue Bank service. This is your responsibility, not ours.


Sixth, zero tolerance spam policy

The use of spam on the Blue Coast network is strictly prohibited. If you use SPAM on the Blue Coast network, we reserve the right to terminate your service at any time.


7. Payment and refund

You agree to pay any taxes resulting from the use of the Service, including personal income tax, value added tax or sales tax. Bluebank is not responsible for any use of the Service and the use of bank checks, credit cards, insufficient funds and any fees incurred by you and your financial institution. LanAn should receive full payment, if you have to pay extra fees due to taxes, exchange rate differences, bank charges, transfer charges, etc., you need to pay by yourself.


Once LanAn begins to provide services, we will no longer accept any refund requests unless this is due to the widespread, versatile and reproducible quality issues of Blue Coast products and services or the absence of violations. Under the premise, LanAn has taken the initiative to terminate your service. Otherwise any refund request will be unacceptable. You need to understand and agree that even if you request cancellation of the purchased service or product, the Blue Bank has already consumed the underlying costs and assumed the risk, so we will not refund any fees.


Eight, resource use & security

LanAn does not have system resources and hardware limits available for each account. We do not actively deactivate user accounts unless they greatly exceed acceptable levels of use, or maintaining the use of that customer can seriously affect the experience of other customers.


Except as expressly permitted by law, you may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble derivative works of this website and/or materials. You agree not to use any automated equipment or manual processes to monitor or copy this website or materials, and will not interfere with or attempt to interfere with or disrupt our services and websites using any equipment, software, computer code or viruses.


Security - Any breach of the website and / or service is prohibited and may result in criminal and civil liability. You agree not to violate or attempt to alter or manipulate hardware and software in such activities, endangering the server, or any other unauthorized use. You are prohibited from engaging in:


Any form of unauthorized access or use of data, systems or networks, including websites and/or services.

Unauthorized interference with any user's services, host or network.

Introduce malicious programs to networks or servers (such as viruses and worms), including websites and/or services.

Avoid user and security authentication for any host, network or account.

Use our services to compromise security or other websites.

In the event that you participate in any breach of system security, we have the right to post information about you to the system administrators of other sites to assist in the resolution of security incidents, and we will investigate crimes and breach of system or network security with any law enforcement agency. . In addition, violations of these security regulations may result in your account being disabled.


Traffic Usage - Your monthly data transfer volume is determined by your purchase of a specific service or subscription. If your use exceeds your monthly limit, your service may be suspended and resumed at the beginning of the next month or on your billing date depending on the product or service. Unused traffic is not carried over to traffic for the next month.


Fair Use Policy - We offer specific services or subscribe to our customers. We expect users to use each service as described, which means normal, fair and reasonable use of any given billing cycle. When we determine that a user is unreasonably using the service or subscription, we may take action to mitigate the negative effects, including but not limited to connection restrictions and access restrictions. Unfair use includes but is not limited to the following:


Loan, disclosure, secondary sales Blue Bank account or service.

Uninterrupted use of various types of P2P, BT, PT download services.

The number of people who use the package beyond the service.

Run a program that consumes a lot of resources on a single resource offering point for a long time.

Conducting violations of relevant laws and regulations of the country or region where the resource is located at the point of resource provision


Nine, uptime guarantee

LanAn strives to ensure service availability. When encountering irresistible factors, software failures, DDOS attacks and other issues lead to service interruption, the Blue Coast will resume the operation of the basic services as soon as possible, but can not guarantee full recovery. You understand and agree that when you encounter an availability issue, you will notify the Blue Bank to process it.


Ten, price changes

The service you pay will not change the price for a certain period of time. We reserve the right to change the price of the service at any time without notice and reserve the right to modify the amount and size of the resources provided to the user.


XI, protection

You agree to maintain, safeguard, and maintain Blue Coast and its affiliates, free of any and all claims and liabilities, including reasonable attorneys and specialist fees, involving:


Violation of your agreement under this Agreement;

Generated by the use of the service;

All behaviors that are generated by activities that occur with your username and password;

Any sale of any item or service, advertisement of your content or your information and data;

Contains any defamatory, defamatory or illegal material in your content or your information and data;

Any claim or argument, that is, your content or your information and data infringes any third party's patents, copyrights or other intellectual property rights or violates privacy or discloses the rights of any third party;

Access or use of your content or your information and data by any third party;

Violation of any applicable acceptable use policy;

You warrant and declare:

Your content and title are in accordance with the laws of your country;

Describe all customers in your content over the age of 18;

Your content does not contain any actual images that constitute child pornography, obscenity, bestiality, violence, or any image that is not legal in China.


Twelve, no additional protection

You expressly agree that your use of the Services is at your own risk. LanAn expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including all warranties, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. LanAn does not guarantee that the service will meet your needs, or that these services will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free. Relevant promotional materials and any statements made should be considered as advertising references and are not guaranteed. You understand and agree that any use of any of your services and / or data downloads or use of the Services is at your own discretion and at your own risk, and you will be solely responsible for the consequences and risks of damage to your computer system or loss of data.


LanAn may provide you with a third party product, service and/or software that is not part of the Service ("Third Party Services or Software"). LanAn cannot control the content of third party services or software. The use of any third party service or software is at your own risk and is subject to the terms and conditions of a separate agreement between you and a third party.


LanAn does not provide warranty for any products and services.


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